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Do I need a snagging inspection for a new build?

Yes. A common misconception with a new build is that it is going to be perfect. This is not true as many new builds have issues and defects that should be reported and addressed. A snagging list is a new build’s supplement to a property survey and offers the buyer protection from the cost implications associated with the reported finds.

How likely is it that my new home will have defects?

Property Investments UK lists a survey that has identified approximately 51% of new build homes as having MAJOR faults. Similarly, they recognize the crisis in quality of workmanship and recommend a snagging survey to avoid falling victim to defects. Order yours with us today, its a small price to pay considering the investment you’re making.

The proof is in the pudding, see these reports:
What is a re-snag?

You’ve gone through the process of having an inspection report drawn up on all the issues with your new home, but it doesn’t end there. After all, the reason to identify flaws and faults is to have them corrected. So after they’ve been corrected, is it time to move in? Not quite. If you want to be sure that more shortcuts haven’t been taken while fixing the problems, a re-snag offers complete peace of mind with industry experts checking the quality of work performed on the identified snags. 

What does a snagging list include?

A snagging list will include a comprehensive breakdown from a full systematic inspection of your property. This will include simple cosmetic issues to more serious structural problems. View our inspection breakdown page for further details.